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100% Difficulty Rate


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You will only struggle if you are a very bad and below average player. I've never been an exceptionally good fps player, but I managed to get platinum for several fps/online so I consider myself at least average. as stated above, you will win about 50% of the matches, considering that you are at least an average player who can score. if you do too much damage to your team, then you won't even win games, I know this because in some games I scored more than 30 kills, I was the player with the most points and we still lost. In the long run, the "difficulty" is to keep playing this for hundreds of hours without freaking out lol. The game is good, but it becomes exhausting to play for so long. I'm at 144 wins and about 25 hours of gameplay.

if you get steady partners to play with, you can boost wins very quickly and raise the percentage to something like winning 80% of matches. I play with randoms.

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If anybody wants to add me I can help get some wins, i'm currently at 1,040 wins and I am a Masters 2 player, if we group up we will be able to win many games as long as we don't lose our shit haha, this game can get annoying but you just gotta take a break and remember you can win the next one.

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