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Trophy Guides not updating between different trophy lists of same game

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Hello All, 


New Member here. I finally decided to get the lifetime membership, since I use this site a lot and really like it.


However, since becoming a member, I now have this issue. When I update my profile, with new trophies earned (PS5), the changes show fine on my main profile and the trophy turns green as intended, updating the rank/percentage, etc. But, the same exact trophy entry does NOT change to green in the Trophy guide that I am following, from this site. 


When I was a guest here, I never had that issue, and when I updated my profile, the new trophies popped here and then the guide pages I had open all changed as well, so I could follow easily to see what I had remaining. 

What do you think the issue is now, since becoming a member?



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It's a known issue. For now, in-guide trophy tracking will only work if the version(s) of the game the guide is written for match(es) the version(s) of the game you're playing.


A guide of a PS5 version of a game won't track your trophy progress from a PS4 version game, if they have separate lists. Same in reverse.

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