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Treasure Hunter Glitch?


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So I followed a collectible guide from the start but I managed to miss a secret in the very first chapter. I just continued and after I finished the campaign I thought I just pick up this collectible and the trophy will unlock as it was the only one I missed. And it didn’t.


I tried in Ex Mode, I tried loading my chapter 1 Insane file, I tried loading into chapter 7 as it’s the final Bezoar chapter. Finished chapter 1 and 7 just to see if it would unlock and nothing.


My statistics now say 81/81 collectibles and I still don’t have the trophy. 

I do have a save on Insane I backed up, just before I deliver the killing blow to the final boss (best grinding spot for environmental and regular kills by far), so I can refer back to a 80/81 collectibles statistic.


But as mentioned, nothing is working. The only thing I can think of is deleting all save data and start from scratch on Easy after I get all other trophies. But this is ofcourse not something I want to do.


Any solutions?


Edit: Nvm. The trophy thankfully popped randomly in mission 4. ?

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