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Goon De leet not unlocking


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So I have gone out of my way to replay some of the places I took over as the places can be replayed and let you kill the goons but sadly on my stats it says I killed over 1389 goons and the trophy is not popping up anyone have any clue how to fix this or is there a way around this or what as if not all I can think of is just start from scratch and farm abit but yeah.


Edit: Nevermind it finally popped after hitting 1493

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Stats are weird in this game. If you reload a prior save, your stats keep going but the actual trophy count won't until the game file itself hits the proper amount. I thought I could be clever with the spy bots by reloading a save and checking the counter. 

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After cleaning all the map I started to go for the convoys, "KING SQUASHA" in particular after about 5 to 6 take downs Goon De-leet  and Bytesize Takedown popped, hitting two birds with one stone.


This one is driven by Goons and could be more fun than just replaying certain spots, depending on preference:


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