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Difficulty Differences?

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So I Know the Game even tells you that you get better loot when you Change and I even answered that to a question regarding difficulty Differences in another Thread.


Now i am at the 7th or 8th Mission, played solely on hard from Start until now, including Sidequests when they become available. Then my Girlfriend wanted to Try the Game and it didnt went Well on hard so i switched to easy and in my eyes she got Same Level, rarity and ability loot i did. I even played the Mission again to Check it and compare my older Gear.


Am i Not seeing Something Here or where is the Difference? 



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It appears the loot drops don't get affected - but I can say that some quests, like the side quests specifically, will drop more/less Anima Shards depending on the difficulty.


For example, one of the Side Quests - Scarlet Memories: The Erudite, on Action difficulty rewards you with 6 Anima Shards, but if you play it on Hard difficulty it rewards with 7 Anima Shards.

However, the loot/gear drops are still the same.

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