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Weakness Conditions

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I'm still pretty early in, chapter 3 I believe, and I'm wondering if hitting weaknesses to allow monsters to escape becomes undoable on certain things later on because you're too strong to do it without killing them for example.


Also, is it because I don't yet have the means to hit some of them yet or are they just kind of vague? Like the owl things, where it says to interrupt them when they attack Rocky, or something to that effect, I have no idea what it specifically wants me to do to trigger that weakness. Also racoons being afraid of fire. Using flame slash on one kills it outright, and using it on another enemy in the fight didn't trigger it.

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Yuu learns protect where she will guard attacks on her partner, she need to protect Rocky from owls to trigger the weakness

for fire you need to cause the burn status on racoons, you can buy items that does this in the 5th dungeon.


The burn item also deal super low dmg so it can be used to trigger the only problematic enemy that you would easily overpower normaly, the small enemies that become weakened when you aoe them.


And for vague, it is a slight problem for some enemies where the monsterdex or survey doesnt really give the right information, stagg/oxx enemies for instance require flora specifically to trigger them. and dragonalikes while it says you need to prvent them powering up, you actually need to attack debuff them when they empower themselves.


Edit: remembered how to count so corrected which number dungeon the burn item is from ^^'

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If you're over-powered, there's a chance that you'll only stun the enemy instead of killing them (if you attack with something that triggers the weakness). For example, using the fire item to attack those weak to it - not the sword.

Alternative, if you're still having issues - you can use the Glass item on the enemy and your next attack will only take 1hp off them, allowing you to attack without worry. But, you can only carry one Glass item at a time.

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