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Stuck on the No trespassing trophy

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  • 2 weeks later...

I recently knocked this one out on the PS5 version after a long break from the game. I also never utilized claymores, so it took some time to figure out how to best take advantage of them. Some tips I learned from going after this trophy:

  • The tips from OssieFR are good. You can definitely bait enemies into claymores by engaging them with gunfire first, especially when you're outnumbered in something like a 1v3.
  • Popular runout spots are great if you're playing an aggressive team. Windows hide the claymore much more, but popular doors can also work.
  • Common tip but try to position the claymores so that only one laser is visible. They have a 180-degree blast radius so you can still get the kill and make it harder to see by pointing 2/3 lasers into the wall.
  • Drone holes, especially those leading to popular corners or hallways can be a decent spot to plant a claymore, but often times the lasers are pretty visible this way. Still got me a couple kills though.
  • If you use it on a staircase, try to place it in the corner of the landing. if it's at the top of the stairs it's too noticeable. If it's in the corner of the landing, you can catch defenders looking at an angle at the top of the stairs when they ascend the staircase and walk into the claymore. 
  • If you can afford her, buy Osa. As of this post she has claymores. You can place her shield in a doorway you expect defenders to use, melee the shield to crack the glass, and place a claymore behind it. It's almost impossible to see/destroy the claymore without impacting the entire shield. You can also use defender's deployable shields placed in doorways in a similar manner, but Osa lets you decide where to set up the shield. I had pretty good success using this method.
  • If you're struggling to do this in Bomb, you could try Secure Area. Take site and place claymores in the doorway to get roamers coming back to site. They're often looking for the attacker securing the area and aren't as alert to claymores since they need to get back to site quickly.
  • The biggest tip I have is to actually USE your claymore. It sounds dumb, but at times I found myself looking for the perfect claymore spot and I would die or the round would end before I ever put it down. I got a few kills just putting it down randomly just to place it, even though they weren't great spots. You'll get zero claymores kills if you place zero claymores.

I struggled with this one for awhile but it gets easier as you go and find better strategies. Just keep putting them down and you'll get 10 kills eventually. Good luck!

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  • 4 months later...

What @XW_David24X said above is definitely great advice! Another small tip I could add is that if you own Maverick, you are able to get claymore kills by making holes low enough on reinforced walls that claymore lasers can stick through. I’ve done this a few times and it’s pretty helpful, especially if you drone it out and know somebody is behind the wall on cameras etc.

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