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[Video] All Main Quests & Side Quests

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Hey Yo,


Im going to be uploading every Main quest and side quest Walkthrough here in this playlist. Hope it helps with not missing any of the quests or helps if you get stuck on any! 

Tiny Tina’s wonderland’s is a fun, over the top looter, there’s 48 side missions to complete ranging from encounters to 30 minute full quests, 0 are missable and everything can be done after the main story.

The quests aren’t too challenging but there’s some moments where it may be hard to find certain bits to advance, for that reason I’m giving it a 3/10 overall

Below are video guides for each mission, they will give a guided tutorial on how to complete each step, any problems please ask.


Main Quests


Bunkers & Badasses

Hero Of Brightfoot

A Hard Days Knight

Thy Bard, With A Vengeance

Emotion Of The Ocean

Ballard Of Bones

Mortal Coil

Son of a Witch

Soul Purpose




Side Quests


Knife To Meet You 

Goblins In The Garden

A farmers Ador

Working blueprint 

Alchemy: Precious Metals 

Goblins tired of false oppression 

The slayer of vorcanar


Non-Violent Offender

Lyre And Brimstone

Inner Demons

Legendary Bow

Little Boys Blue

Alchemy: Miracle Growth

A Knights Toil

The Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil

Walk the stalk

Lens the deceiver

In My Image

Cash 4 Teeth

Raiders of The Lost Shark

A Wandering Axe

Clerical error

Burning Hunger

Of Curse and Claw

Diplomatic relations 

The Ditcher 

Eye Lost It 

Alchemy To Block The Sun

A Pets Rest

Gumbo No. 5

Destruction Rains From The Heavens

Necromance Her

Pocket Sandstorm

On the Wink Of Self Destruction

Armageddon distraction

Hot Fizz

Ancient Powers

On Wings And Dreams

Spell To Pay

A Small Favour

Ron Rivote

A Walk To Dismemeber 

In The Belly Is A Beast



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16 hours ago, HuntingFever said:

Do you happen to know how many repeatable missions are in the game and what they're called?

I’ve not actually come across any missions that are repeatable other than the chaos stuff, but they’re not really classed as side missions and don’t need to be completed for the side mission trophy

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