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PSN Cloud Save Question


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If I have PSN membership regardless of what "tier" it is do I have access to coud saves?  Are they like save states as if I'm playing a game on an emulator on my pc?


If so can I make a save state of any game, including one that say doesn't have a pause feature?

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Yes, the newly announced "tiers" for PS+ list "essential" as being pretty much identical to what PS+ currently offers, including cloud saves.


They aren't like save states though. They're just the saves you make in-game, and you can back them up to the cloud. You can then redownload them to a different console or HDD/SSD, should yours ever die.


Auto-upload is usually turned on by default for all games, but you can turn it if off if you so choose, and upload manually instead. You always have the option to upload manually regardless if auto-upload is enabled or not, and saves are normally auto-uploaded when your console is put into rest mode.


On PS5, if you do ever manually upload a save, it usually turns off the auto-upload feature for that game for whatever reason, though it's possible to turn it back on.


Also, it may never affect you, but the cloud storage on PS+ has been suffering from a "bug" for pretty much forever now, where it can only store exactly 1,000 files at once. So even though you apparently have 100GB of storage, it's basically impossible to ever fill it because you won't ever be able to upload any more than 1,000 files at the same time. This limit is separate for PS3 and Vita cloud saves, but is shared between PS4 and PS5 for whatever reason. Just something to keep in mind if you play tons of games, especially games that like to make loads of saves like Death Stranding or Days Gone. You can back up all PS4 saves to a USB stick, and most PS3 saves (the ones that aren't copy protected), but you can't for PS5 games at all (unsure about the Vita).

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23 minutes ago, LegendExeter said:

I see how it works I believe.


So it allows me to upload my saves to the cloud, yet I cannot make save states out of thin air for games for example that dont have a save feature?




Pretty much. The PS+ cloud storage is just an online storage for your saves, not something that allows you to create save states for games. If a game itself doesn't allow save states (which most don't, unless it's a collection of old games), PS+ won't make any difference to how the game can be saved.

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