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Question about autopop

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Sorry if this is a dumb question or has already been answered but I'm confused about autopopping,I'm playing the game in the ps4 version on my ps5,once I gain the platinum on the ps4 version,can I install the ps5 version and obtain that platinum right away?

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I tried to auto Platinum back in September and only got 50% of the trophies. Ubisoft Connect is broken and another player only had 10% auto pop. I've given Ubisoft hundreds of PSN ID's and they couldn't care less. It's impossible for me to track every player but if this does happen to you please send me your PSN ID 

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21 hours ago, wltrsjcwvita said:

The game is notoriously buggy for auto-popping, and the only way to reliably get it to work is using an actual PS4 to upload your PS4 save for when it downloads to PS5.

Uploading your PS4 save on a PS5 will work, but most of the trophies likely won't unlock.

If I put my save onto an actual ps4 and play on that console for a bit,and then transfer it over to my ps5,will it be more likely to autopop the trophies?

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