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[Video] I finally got the “Who Needs A Dock” Trophy

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10 minutes ago, RamiNoodle733 said:

Here’s a video of it if you want help with technique. Once you master getting horizontal with Shredder on his fire circle attack thing, it becomes pretty easy.

Can you update your post for meeting the requirements of posting a video guide?



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That one is such a pain in the ass. The other video shows Splinter for his power, but I found it easier to do with April with her 3 star speed. It took 8 of the air supers to kill him. But like you say, once you get good at the horizontal blind spot, it becomes doable.


During the phase where he summons the four ghost shredders, I would destroy two of them on one side, get in a safe spot, then re-charge. If you have all three, you can super to the other side to be safe then use the final 2 supers to take Shredder out.

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Honestly, there isn't much difference which char you use. As long as you go with the Super Dive Attack it will take more less the same amount of hits

Gotta say, it must have taken you a TON of tries to master where to stand in the flames. I just used double jump to avoid them (also useful in case you think Shredder is coming at you, gives you enough time to move up or down midair)

Also, I found Krang sometimes does hit you even in the "blind spot", so just in case, when he raises his arms, press circle towards him to avoid getting damaged and keep attacking (same with the laser eyes)

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