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[Video] How to beat Crucible Knight (no damage, video guide)


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One of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring and especially in Limgrave. You can beat him without parries. 


Hopefully it will help someone. Good luck.



Other tips for him:


-Crucible Knight is weak to Fire and Lightning,

-boss deals Standard, Strike, Pierce and Holy damage,

-I recommend getting the Quickstep (Ash of War) for this fight, as it will make dodging boss's attacks much easier, especially in the second phase. You can buy it from Bernahl (Warmaster's Shack) for just 800 Runes,

-you can jump over some of his attacks, so if you have problems with dodging, try jumping instead,

-avoid using status effects (like Poison), as he's resistant to them plus has the speed (hard to build up the status),

-for Magic users, I recommend using the Glintstone Pebble (you can buy it from Sorceress Sellen for 1000 Runes in the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave) and poke him from distance. His shield will block spells, but he'll still take chip damage,

-don't forget you can dual wield various weapons (for more damage). Same type of weapons (e.g. two Katana swords) will give you special animations ("powerstance", press L1) and more power. You can also wield one weapon in two hands (hold Triangle and press R1) for more damage,

-if you aren't interested in "challenge" runs, you can try to parry him, as he's vulnerable to parries. You can't fight him in the multiplayer mode or summon Spirit Ashes.

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