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Compared to the 1st game?


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Hey  I was just wondering how does this compare to the first game, specifically in regard to difficulty?


I'm not for sure as I've only seen a few videos of Reloaded, and can't seem to see gameplay of the stages people say are really tough.


I'm finishing up the first game right now, and I noticed 2 levels that were pretty damn annoying indifference to the rest of them, and some level layouts look very similar.  In fact the only real differences I see are cosmetic changes to the fireballs, which look worse, and the text and numbers which also don't look as good.  It looked very sleak in the first game.



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Hey there, just took first place in fastest achiever yesterday on XPOSED after training on XPOSED RELOADED when it was available a year ago. It's true, the level layouts are quite similar and some levels are really challenging. The level packs are bigger and more on XPOSED with 18 levels each, 19 packs, a huge total of 342 levels. To unlock the next pack you need 30 stars, here it is 50%, 100% if you choose the free version of the game, which makes it super hard. So better go and buy the game for €1.99 to be able to reach the goal fast without buying level packs for €2.99. There are a little bit more trophies on XPOSED, the endless mode was new for me and also the EXPOSED ENEMIES. You are right, the pixelated menu and game is not so beautiful as in the first game.

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