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Mini guide / tips


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Very little information out there, so time for another mini guide!


Missable: Nothing

Playthrough: 2 (one for silver bars, one for medals - though likely many tries will be required for each level)

Difficulty: 5 (precision-lite platformer with fairly generous speed runs)

Time: Took me 6h45 according to Exophase. The levels are only a few minutes long, under a minute when doing the speedruns, so it could likely be done in much less)


-Most trophy explanations are very straightforward - just make sure you get the medals as appropriate in the indicated levels.


-There are 55 levels, with 3 silver ingots each except for the 5 boss levels. This means you need 140 out of 150. I'd recommend your first playthrough be focused on gathering them, and that you strive to get all 3 in each level before moving on. You should get the trophy at the beginning of the 6th world.


-On your way, make sure to unlock the brain vitamins levels (you'll have more than enough pills - I ended the game with over 2000), and to find the entrances to the secret levels. Nothing is too well hidden, and you'll know which levels have a secret exit from the map layout.


-Once you've completed the game, go back and try to get at least a silver medal (based on completion time) on each level. You'll need 40 out of 55. Out of those, 20 need to be gold. It should come naturally, and I would recommend moving on to the next level if you get a silver. To know the target times, click on Options when in the level. I don't think pausing stops the timer, so I recommend restarting when you do that.


-Don't buy the extra health that's offered for 25 brain vitamins when you die if you're doing the speedruns. It voids medals.


And that's it!

Hope you enjoy the game.

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