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Collectables/locations discovered


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Just wondering, 


I haven't played this since .... Shockingly 2019..

Came back to power thru the remaining 10~ trophy's I've left.  Mainly collectable/land marks.


Aside from running around two spots for 2 hours and managing to find 15 / 25 (roughly) collectables for 2 factions (was awesome to get them to respawn) 


Is there a way to see what I'm missing for 'all discoveries ' in each region, I think I have like for example the academy bottom/middle left of map to explore. And although I ran around for 2 hours, I didn't seem to find anything new that wasn't already on the map.



Something tells me if I hit (options) and go into collectables then area there should be something if my memory isn't tricking me.. but I am at work and unable to verify this lol.


Edit: my assumption was correct lol.





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