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First Topic on Sniper Elite 5: What are your thoughts on the game?


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  • 6 months later...

Didn't think it was as enjoyable as Se4, which was fairly brutal solo on Authentic plus; Se5 seemed to cheese the authentic run with lots if saves. 


Definitely an easier ride for best of the best, but still good fun.


Some really decent missions, and had fun with stealth and the invader trophies.... Not had the urge to replay it much though, whereas I've replayed 4 many, many times.


Both 4 and 5 are pretty decent flagship games.


Didn't play 5 on release day (as it was my gf's birthday lol) but breezed through it over the next couple of days on Authentic.... Se4 took weeks to get best of the best haha, but 4 is still my fave.... until they add a A+ playthrough for five ;)

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