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Even though I said I wouldn't buy it.......


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I did and I have to say the game isn't that bad, my vita only crashed once while playing it as opposed to the millions of times in the last game. If you did like the last game then I would say buy this as it is more of the same, just with another 20 levels for you to enjoy. The trophy descriptions are abysmal though so as a result you end up trying to guess how to achieve them. The Peter dactyl one was a serious pain in the arse to work out and I ended up getting it by accident after going to answer the door after starting a game. lol


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It’s identical to the first game other than the setting, which is now icy. These levels are actually locked in the first game.


The EU version incessantly crashes for me. Both with the last game and this “sequel” — the game shits the bed every time I try to do something while there’s a ton of ships on the screen, which was super counterproductive for the “10 levels in a row” trophy.


Thankfully, the developers learned that having to spend 70 barrels to max out a single upgrade branch is insane when you only provide 200 barrels over the course of the game. Now it’s ~20 but there’s no upgrade trophies so it doesn’t matter too much.


The game is insanely far from perfect but it’s a good time. Someone needs to brush up on their english for the trophy descriptions. They range from confusing to straight up unintelligible.

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