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How do you get the liar's dice trophy.

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  • 8 years later...

OK, so if anyone is still having problems with this (like I was), this is what I did.


Today, I just felt "lucky" and that I would get this trophy. I have used every guide and had zero luck with any of them (luck being the operative word).


Today, on a hunch, I fast travelled to Thieves Landing at night and found myself on a table with just one guy. Since I had missed the easy opportunity of getting this on "Lights, Camera, Action" I just decided to give it a shot. There was no way I was going to replay the game just for this trophy ( you can't replay Stranger Missions, dagnammit).


The guy at the table was a moron - he called my bluff even if I said I had two twos at the start (obviously true). I suspect he had the same AI as the guy from the "Lights, Camera, Action" mission.


I could easily get him down to two dies every time. This is where luck played a huge part, because there are three variables if you can't be truthful - bluff, spot-on or lie. A 33% chance against a single opponent is hard to call. You have a 66% chance of being wrong, the odds aren't in your favour.


It took me a few goes (I just kept quitting the table if I lost a die) but as soon as I got him down to one die, I couldn't lose with the hand I had - I had two sixes. He called my bluff and lost his last die. It took an eternity for the trophy to pop but I finally did it!


I tried every Liar's Dice location many, many times trying to get this done and I couldn't believe my luck today when I finally figured out what was going on.


Hope this helps someone.

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