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Issues with L3 and R3

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Does the PS4 version's issues with the L3 and R3 button not working cause issues with unlocking the nEXt mission trophy? I assume it doesn't since people have earned the platinum, but you need to respond to ADA in order to get the sub-objective to defeat the Narita within 90 seconds to earn a mission file. How do people work around this?

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Okay so I did it, but I was spamming the L3 button at the time. I don't know if that did it or if the game just automatically accepts the challenge now. Or maybe I'm just completely mistaken about this whole scenario, and it is not an optional challenge. 

Edit: On a second playthrough I didn’t touch the L3 button at all and no such challenge was issued. Maybe it can only happen once or maybe it isn’t optional and you really do have to spam the L3 button when the moment arrises.

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