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Quest Dialogue question


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 So, I'm at Monarch Wilderness. at the point in "Radio Free Monarch" where i would talk to gram for the first time, and get the quest to start up the press rollers,  going for one of the two missable trophy's, and trying to have a save ready to load, so i can pick second option.

 problem I'm encountering, is that... my first time thru here, Zora gave me the dialogue option to pick food over rollers. i then found out that i didn't save the twins nor send them home.
Thus locking me out of the options later (From what im reading) to broker peace.

now I've loaded my save file right before entering Amber Hights, i get the interaction from the Npc at the gate. thus showing, i haven't been here yet.

but every time i talk to gram, he only asks about the rollers. and Zora gets pissy that i picked to fix the press over finding food and supply's. it no longer gives me the option to pick one or another.

am i missing a dialogue branch here? 

**ive looked around on redit. and only thing im seing is Zora not giving her Sucker bait quest, due to not sending the twins home right away, before clearing the press.

Edit: Apparently Carlotta is now giving me the option to pick food over rollers, even though i didn't get the choice to pick food over rollers this time around.

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