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Trophies STILL not tracking after updates


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Anyone else’s trophies still bugged? Stuck on 98/100 for Fight in the Shade, and 92/100 for Bring out the Big Guns. I’ve tried deleting my save data but this doesn’t seem to work.


Want to get this game done and dusted now rather than waiting for like 3 years for Torn Banner to fix this mess.

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Totally Glitched i had to delete save about 15 times to get 10 kills as my first trophy. i didnt want to get 50 kills as my first. And Footman 100 kills also glitched at 56/100 and deflect 100 times with Shield was stuck at 98/100. So after i finished all other trophies i deleted my save. I had to do this more then 25-30 times. Iw spent like 6 hours of trying. then it suddenly worked the PS5 trophy Tracker. I would stay far away from this game unless it's patched completely

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