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Glitchy audio


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Is anyone else having a problem with the audio? Every time you launch the game, for some reason game's music glitch out and doesn't start playing music. The same happens to weapon attack audio and menu audio but those can be fixed every time by teleporting or going inside the house/domain. The only fix for music audio I have found is to relaunch the game and try entering and exiting the cathedral in Mondstadt. It usually takes 4 - 10 times trying to fix it but it is always 10 - 20 minutes wasted doing it. I have read that a better fix would be to teleport the Serenitea Pot or in the golden house domain but those unlock at adventure rank 35 and I just started playing (AR 20 now). So is there any other better way to not waste half an hour trying to fix music audio? And file verification doesn't do anything in my case it made it worse.

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I had various audio issues dating back to 2.4, like bgm not playing and no rain sounds. I tried various approaches, and in the end settled with teleporting inside the Favonius HQ in Mondstadt, before logging out.


In the meantime, I think they fixed the majority of audio issues, especially the missing bgm and environment sound effects, at least since the current (3.5) version I'm not having any audio issues anymore.

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