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Shutdown Announcement??


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I remember reading some comments about server shutdown announcement that didn't happen, but I can't find an official statement from IOI.


Were it just rumours due to Hitman 3 becoming Hitman: WoA? So there's no fixed date to get the multiplayer trophies before that, right?

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The official statement and source that people used to assume this was from this page prior to the shutdown of the ghost mode in Hitman 2:


"We are preparing to sunset the co-op servers in HITMAN 2 before the launch of HITMAN 3 and we’ll share an exact timeline and a solution to the mode’s multiplayer trophies in the coming months."




The page has been removed from IOI's webpage so no wonder you can't find anything.  They have never said anything else to my knowledge after this little paragraph so it's probably changed in priority for the devs at some point.


That said with the delisting of Hitman 1 and 2, merging of the hitman trilogy and the requirements of having a constant online connection to the servers to access all the content I wouldn't be surprised if a shutdown of these two titles happens this year. This is of course speculations on my part and might not happen at all. But my recommendation if you are interested in getting these games done is to start on them sooner rather than later as they are quite a time sink to complete.

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