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What is the best money making in the online.


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There are multiple ways to get this done the most notorious one being Bomb da base ll glitch which cuts down playtime significantly:

 Then there are other grindy ways like winning races and just playing online, but this takes forever.


Then there is also the "cheating" way to do it, which is going to public lobbies since a lot of people still playing are modders and cheaters who will sometimes join and give you inifinte money, but I advise not to do this since it could get you flagged. I know of some people with this case.


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On 06/02/2023 at 8:21 AM, WeeJ87 said:

Thanks i think i will try this sniper glitch, i seen another video if you have the dlc you can do a 1v1 and you can let it stay afk but am not having luck with getting it 2 work. Thanks again il try this soon 1f642.png

Hey I'm a bit late but my friend and I really struggled with the bomb da base glitch.


First, the sniper is 100% the most reliable way to go - remember to reset every hour but you can actually pause the game and disconnect the controller if I remember correctly and it'll continue to fire the gun. We were setting a timer and then watching TV or something while doing this over a few days.


Secondly, if you join a glitched lobby and someone gives you a ton of cash you won't be flagged. People like to spread rumours with 0 evidence but as long as you're not hacking you are fine. Same thing with the other PS3 Rockstar open world.. Red Dead Redemption is notorious for glitched online lobbies. You won't get banned, especially when they switched everything to P2P and the game(s) are well over a decade old on systems now considered classic. You'll be fine. 

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