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What To Do If Your Trophies Glitch


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There are 4 trophies that are known to glitch in this game. The 3 most common ones are, 


  • Squad Leader (Which should unlock at level 7)
  • Global Warfighters (Which should unlock at level 14)
  • Warchief (Which should unlock at level 74)


The other trophy that is known to glitch is Brothers in Arms. 


If you are starting out new I highly advice against choosing the US Navy Seal as your starting solider. I chose the US Army SFOD -Assaulter.


If your trophies glitch these are the steps you will need to take to reset your level back to private rank 1. 


  1. Log in to your EA account here (https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/connectaccounts/index) and unlink your psn account. 
  2. Next log into your psn account at https://www.playstation.com click on your profile picture > Account Settings > Security > Continue > and change the email address associated with your psn account. This email address should be one that is not associated with an EA account or at the very least one that you have never played Medal of Honor Warfighter on. You can also change your email address using your ps4 or ps5. 
  3. Now go here and sign in using the email address you changed on your psn account. 
  4. Now when you go in game your level should be at private rank 1. 
  5. Get your trophies. (If the glitch happens again you will have to chat with EA and have them unlink your account since you can only do it every 6 months. Then repeat steps 2-5. )
  6. After you earn your trophies you can relink your psn account back to your original EA account but you will have to have EA do it for you or wait 6 months. 


Here are the points needed for each level to help you avoid this glitch and for those who ask "Do I still have enough time to complete this game from the start?"


--LEVEL------Points-----AFK Matches to next level---------------Estimated AFK Time to next level (HH:MM)

  1. -----------0---------------------0------------------------------------------------------00:00
  2. --------2,000------------------2------------------------------------------------------01:00
  3. --------4,000------------------2------------------------------------------------------01:00
  4. --------8,000------------------4------------------------------------------------------02:00
  5. -------11,500-----------------4------------------------------------------------------02:00
  6. -------15,000-----------------4------------------------------------------------------02:00
  7. -------19,000-----------------3--(19 Matches)-----------------------------------01:30
  8. -------23,000-----------------4------------------------------------------------------02:00
  9. -------27,000-----------------4------------------------------------------------------02:00
  10. -------31,500-----------------5------------------------------------------------------02:30
  11. -------36,000-----------------5------------------------------------------------------02:30
  12. -------41,000-----------------5------------------------------------------------------02:30
  13. -------46,000-----------------5------------------------------------------------------02:30
  14. -------51,000-----------------5--(51 Matches)-----------------------------------02:30
  15. -------56,000-----------------5-----------------------------------------------------02:30
  16. -------62,000-----------------6-----------------------------------------------------03:00
  17. -------68,000-----------------6-----------------------------------------------------03:00
  18. -------74,000-----------------6-----------------------------------------------------03:00
  19. -------80,000-----------------6-----------------------------------------------------03:00
  20. -------86,500-----------------7-----------------------------------------------------03:30
  21. -------93,000-----------------7-----------------------------------------------------03:30
  22. ------100,000----------------6-----------------------------------------------------03:00
  23. ------107,000----------------7-----------------------------------------------------03:30
  24. ------114,000----------------7-----------------------------------------------------03:30
  25. ------121,500----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  26. ------129,000----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  27. ------137,000----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  28. ------145,000----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  29. ------153,000----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  30. ------161,500----------------9----------------------------------------------------04:30
  31. ------170,000----------------9----------------------------------------------------04:30
  32. ------179,000----------------8----------------------------------------------------04:00
  33. ------188,000----------------9---------------------------------------------------04:30
  34. ------197,000----------------9---------------------------------------------------04:30
  35. ------206,500----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  36. ------216,000----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  37. ------226,000----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  38. ------236,000----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  39. ------246,000----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  40. ------256,000----------------10-------------------------------------------------05:00
  41. ------267,000----------------11-------------------------------------------------05:30
  42. ------278,000----------------11-------------------------------------------------05:30
  43. ------289,500----------------12-------------------------------------------------06:00
  44. ------301,500----------------11-------------------------------------------------05:30
  45. ------313,500----------------11-------------------------------------------------05:30
  46. ------326,000----------------13-------------------------------------------------06:30
  47. ------339,000----------------13-------------------------------------------------06:30
  48. ------352,500----------------14-------------------------------------------------07:00
  49. ------366,500----------------14-------------------------------------------------07:00
  50. ------380,500----------------13-------------------------------------------------06:30
  51. ------395,000----------------15-------------------------------------------------07:30
  52. ------410,000----------------15-------------------------------------------------07:30
  53. ------425,000----------------15-------------------------------------------------07:30
  54. ------441,500----------------17-------------------------------------------------08:30
  55. ------457,500----------------16-------------------------------------------------08:00
  56. ------474,000----------------17-------------------------------------------------08:30 (You would be here on February 16 if you started today February 06)
  57. ------491,000----------------16-------------------------------------------------08:00
  58. ------508,500----------------18-------------------------------------------------09:00 
  59. ------526,500----------------18-------------------------------------------------09:00
  60. ------544,500----------------18-------------------------------------------------09:00
  61. ------563,000----------------19-------------------------------------------------09:30
  62. ------582,000----------------18-------------------------------------------------09:00
  63. ------601,500----------------20-------------------------------------------------10:00
  64. ------621,500----------------20-------------------------------------------------10:00
  65. ------641,500----------------19-------------------------------------------------09:30
  66. ------662,000----------------21-------------------------------------------------10:30
  67. ------683,000----------------21-------------------------------------------------10:30
  68. ------704,500----------------22-------------------------------------------------11:00
  69. ------726,500----------------22-------------------------------------------------11:00
  70. ------748,500----------------21-------------------------------------------------10:30
  71. ------771,000----------------23-------------------------------------------------11:30
  72. ------794,000----------------23-------------------------------------------------11:30
  73. ------817,500----------------24-------------------------------------------------12:00
  74. ------841,500----------------23--(831 Matches)-----------------------------11:30

Total---------------------------------831-----------------------------------------------419:30 (17 days 11 hours and 30 minutes)


Now since there isn't enough time to AFK it you will be required to get a lot of kills. I suggest using the Tomahawk as it gives around 200xp per kill. If you have a full lobby killing 5 players that's 10,000xp per match plus another 1,000xp you would normally have gotten if you were AFK for a total of around 11,000xp per match (6,000xp if you are working on weapon pins) not including xp from awards and milestones.


200xp per kill x 5 kills x 10 rounds + 1,000xp =11,000xp per match if using Tomahawk and 6,000xp per match if going for weapon pins. 


The max time for each round is 3 minutes at 10 rounds = 30 minutes per match. 


The data in Yellow shows what level you will be at after each match based on the xp you are getting per match. 

The data in Green shows how long it will take you to complete the game based on how long each match is and if you are sharing matches with other players. 

The free time shows how much time away from the game you can afford and still complete it in time. 


Example: 8 hours free time per day at 10 minutes per match would only get you 129 matches played which means you  would get to level 74 at 11,000xp per match but would only complete 129 matches which would only get you to Level 71. 


As of Wednesday February 08 the maximum time each match can be with at least 6 hours away time is 10 minutes.  This will complete the weapon pins and get you and 12 others to level 74 starting out fresh in 140 hours and 10 minutes which leaves 3 hours and 50 minutes left to get the other trophies done. 



So do you have enough time? That depends on how devoted you are and how fast your team can move to get things done and this doesn't take into account the other online trophies you'll have to get or any mishaps that might happen. Maybe you get lucky and everyone is afk for you across several matches but at this time I would say it's probably to late to start this game unless you just want a few trophies and don't mind an incomplete game on your account. 

Edited by Deathon6
I originally said 200xp per kill x 5 players killed for a total of 1,000 xp per round but forgot to factor in the fact that there are 10 rounds which means the total xp is not 2,000 but 11,000 which is going to greatly reduce the time.
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I have finished both the online and multiplayer portion of this game in 1 week and 5 days with minimal boosting - I think you better not bother boosting for the weapon kills and xp, it may even take longer time than playing normally. Though I must say I played for a long time each day.  You will most likely need to boost for the killstreak trophy, but it takes no time assuming randoms don't mess with your lobby (which is a big if, try boosting in late hours).

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