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Collection Chest in Hogsmeade


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Not sure on where this last chest is supposed to be. I've run around Hogsmeade a few times trying to find this last collection chest, but no luck. I've been keeping an eye on the minimap, but so far, it's not in any of these buildings. I've even run off to the outer buildings as well, but nothing.


Only place I can't look into is this locked beasts shop, which I assume, opens up later on via the main story (like how the broom shop did). But even then, there's no chest icon on the shop itself in the minimap. So, not sure on where it's even supposed to be.


I do have all three levels of alohamora, so lock picking isn't an issue for me.


I even tried to google the answer, but no luck (it brings up about the eye chests, which I'm not fussed about).

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6 minutes ago, OLORDZ said:

Theres a dungeon inside hogsmeade that opens during one of Nattys side quests called Ashwinder Hideout that has a collection chest inside, might be the one you're looking for.

That could be it. I found the dungeon in the graveyard, and I could go to the first room with enemies, but figured there was a quest there sometime, as revelio showed me blue items that I couldn't interact with, as well as the columns that stopped me from going further.


Hopefully that is what I'm missing, which means, I'll have to come back to it later on then.

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