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Genius Girl Melancholy - final mail doesn't appear


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You must reply to these highlighted words:

  • Scientist -> Bad Scientist
  • Bad Scientist -> do better
  • Home Alone -> outsider
  • ehhh? -> disgrace
  • Staring at my hand -> Why am I still here


This is what the guide said to do in order to get this trophy, and with that, first true ending flag. However, despite first 4 mails appearing correctly, the "staring at my hand" doesn't - game just progresses till


Faris sends her D-Mail, which causes the worldline change and Kurisu exchange is considered as "failed".

So because of that, I'm unable to get the true ending at all. Why did this happen and can I fix this without having to restart entire game and hoping that the game lets me have it this time?


EDIT: Managed to fix it by loading the chapter 4 quicksave and going from there yet again, all mails triggered succesfully. On my previous one, the missing mail wasn't appearing even several scenes later so I guess it was a "doomed worldline", lol

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