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I printed out a protractor, cut it out and taped it to my TV. Then, wrote down the exact degrees of angle for each shot so I could repeat it exactly the same each time I messed up and had to XMB shut down the game to protect my save from permadeath. If you're fast enough, you can pause the game and quit before it registers you died. I still, backed up my save on the cloud after every single level just in case. And I'm glad, because I did have to download the save a few times.


Also, to gauge the power, I would go to max power where it shakes really bad and back off very slowly until the shot arrow stopped moving. Only shot high angles for platforming. Like 60 to 80 degrees. 35-45 degrees seemed best for safe drives. Also, it's safer to play up to a shot rather than go for it. Most levels give a ridiculous amount of tries to achieve par score. Use the shots to inch up for an easier lay up.

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