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Forgotten Cube in House sequence


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Little question, I get good progress in the game when uam able to play it... ??

But I think I made a huge mistake, in second house sequence I was deep in reading the book and so on, that I turned after finishing it to the letter and the sequence ended while I don't take the cube...


When I understand it right after, the cube spawns a new Artifact outside the house, is this one now lost for me? 

Then I would restart the game, coz I think its a trophyreq to get all entries of the codex...

Or doesn't that matter and the artifacts are still will be available in future runs as drops and so on??



Thx in advance...

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Anything you missed in the house that spawns an artifact can be gained either randomly through finding them in the 5 Ether malignant chests, randomly through anything that spawns artifacts, or if you use the triangle structure at biome 1 or biome 4 right at the start that will take your Ether and spawn a new artifact or consumable you don't currently have unlocked. I didn't have the Warped Rubber Ball, the Melted Globe, the Charred Piano Key, the Blown Nightlight, or the Damaged Robot Toy but through those various things it spawned them for me eventually and now I can find them normally.


The artifacts don't matter for the trophies, it's the ciphers and the audio logs that matter. The artifacts and consumables are more to make the combat easier on yourself.

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