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DLC Installation, Multiplayer, and Save Files


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I have the complete edition on disk for ps3. I've recently completed the main campaign single player, I have not done anything on the DLC, and am working on the multiplayer. I'm now trying to grind to rank 10, and while looking for grinding methods I found an explanation of the Happiness Island exploit. I wanted to try this, but when I try to open either of the DLC from the main menu, a loading screen pops up that says "Installing data to hard disk drive", the progress bar goes like 5% and then doesn't move for hours.


My first question is, can someone else set up the match and invite me so that we can use the exploit? Or am I required to have the DLC installed to use the exploit?


Next is, how do I get around the "installing data" issue? I'm eventually going to play the DLC, can I uninstall the base game and install the DLCs one at a time? Is there something wrong with the disk? I doubt it's an issue with my ps3, I've been able to install other new games recently, and there is plenty of space for the DLC


Final question, can I upload my online multiplayer data to a storage drive or the cloud, and then retrieve it without losing any progress? I'm worried that if I have to uninstall/delete anything, I may lose my current rank and would have to start from scratch if I can't get the exploit to work.


Thanks for the help in advance

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It sounds like you have a bad disc but before you bin it, try running the repair options in Safe Mode in case there are some bad sectors on your Hard Drive. As for your stats, everything is saved offline in one of the save files because of the GameSpy removal patch that was released a few years back after GameSpy was shut down.

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