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Game consistently freezes on prologue 4.


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So I'm playing prologue 4 and four times in a row the game freezes and crashes right when the first goldy hits the exit. 

The first time I was fast forwarding. 

The second time i fast forward then stopped before he hit the exit. 

the third time i didnt use fast forward at all. 

the fourth time, i reinstalled the game and didnt fast forward. 

but every time it freezes and crashes at that same point. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something wrong with my console?

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Yeah that's what I ended up doin...it was very disappointing though. I'd like to continue with this game but I don't want to play it flat. In VR I feel like I can analyze the puzzle better. But I don't want to finish a level only for it to crash again. 


Guess I'll wait for an update. 

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