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Does PS5 version autopop?


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This is quoted from Piro..not everything auto pops but it still saves a lot of time if you finished everything on the ps4 version except the tournament ones.


To clarify some things, there is no autopop from neither save transfer from PS4 to PS5 which can be found in Options and under the Game section or Capcom ID Data however all of your online data is saved. I unlocked all trophies except the tournament ones in my save file and the following trophies were able to be popped from my save file under these conditions:

Get Your Game Face On! - Either delete your World Tour avatar (can be recovered when save transfering again) and create a new one or edit a new avatar in the Battle Hub booth or World Tour Body Shop (I did the former so can't confirm if the latter works)

So This is the Battle Hub… - Visit the Battle Hub.

First Encounters/There’s Always Time for Training!/King of the Ring - Fight and win one Battle Hub match.

Jungle-Sized Surprise/Extreme Combat Training/Over the Top Victory - Fight and win one Extreme Battle match. (Can be done offline in Fighting Grounds)

Becoming the Avatar/Fixin’ for a Fight/The Struggle Over Self - Fight and win one Avatar Battle match.

Gazing at the Peak/Steely Determination/Dominating like a Ninja - Enter one tournament and win one match in the tournament (Cannot confirm as I have not unlocked the trophies yet)

Veteran of Battle - Fight one match in the Battle Hub. (Avatar Battle or Battle Hub match or Extreme Battle match)

Kickin’ it Old School - Play a classic game in the Battle Hub.

Classic Leaderboard Champ - Play a classic game in Highscore Challenge mode in the Battle Hub.

Entranced by Battle - Spectate a Battle Hub match.

Combat Analysis - Spectate an Extreme Battle match in the Battle Hub.

Watching Gets Me PUMPED! - Spectate an Avatar Battle match.

Welcome to the Stable - Join a club (You'll have to submit another application to a different club if you're already in one)

Let the Praise Become Your Muscle/Gotta be Popular! Uwo!/Spirit of Encouragement - View your profile that has 600 "Nice" to pop all three trophies.

Pleased to Meet You! - Chat in the battle hub. 

Coolheaded Analysis - View a replay.

My Title, My Life - Earn another title (I got mine from viewing my profile before save transfering)

Joining the Pack - Send a friend request.

Fashion Leader - Change any clothes on your avatar.

Ready to Dance? - Interact with the DJ booth in the Battle Hub.

Up on the Big Screen - Sit on any chairs under the big screen in the back of the Battle Hub.

Neighborhood Peacekeeper - Popped along with Mastery’s Bond. (If the trophy doesn't pop, go to the "Missions" tab on your phone, assuming you've finished World Tour's story)

Mastery’s Bond - Give a gift to any masters that are at 100 bond in World Tour.

At Journey’s End - Popped along with Mastery’s Bond. (If the trophy doesn't pop, go to the "Missions" tab on your phone, assuming you've finished World Tour's story)

Leaving the Nest - Popped along with Mastery’s Bond. (If the trophy doesn't pop, go to the "Missions" tab on your phone, assuming you've finished World Tour's story)

Ha-dough-ken - Do any part-time job in World Tour. 

Actions Speak Louder - Perform a master action on any breakable objects in World Tour.

The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles - Fight one ranked or casual match in Fighting Grounds.

Talent of the Valiant - Clear arcade mode with one character. (I picked a different character from the one I used in PS4)

Practical Training - Complete one combo trial in Fighting Grounds.

Fighting Fledgling - Play Training mode in Fighting Grounds.

Fighters’  Codex - Play a Character Trial in Fighting Grounds.

Taling Initiative - Play the tutorial in Fighting Grounds.


Overall, while it may not be an autopop, fortunately you don't need to play from the beginning again especially for World Tour mode. The trophies can be earned pretty quickly if you've unlocked them in the PS4 version.

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