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Problems in COOP (Locked Doors, Freezes)

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Hi there,

I played this in coop all the way. On some levels, especially level 5 and 7 of the final DLC ("Life is a Beach") we encountered problems in coop.

There are some doors in the game which close if you go inside the room, and if you die, even if the game lets you respawn in coop, the door will stay locked. So you have basically one try at these levels (some of them have bosses and are very annoying). But you cant quicksave like in singleplayer.

In other words:
In these levels, playing coop is a disadvantage/problem.

Also this game caused many ps3 freezes, while boosting and while playing levels, so we had to re-do some levels as the game froze right where the trophy would have popped.

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