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Possible to self boost this and if so ?


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1 hour ago, timpurnat said:

The game is still very active and you will always find randoms, however, you can afk playtime and wins in LPS, by simply turboing triangle or X and putting rubberbands on the joystick so you walk in a circle. I did other trophies legit in TDM, they are pretty easy, and using alts was kinda annoying as maps are big so I didn't bother with that. If you buy the attack drone with real money (like 3 bucks) you can slowly afk zombie kills and assists in TDM (same way as in LPS). If the game became dead since I played it a few months ago, you just need 2 people to start a match tho

Thanx.  Going to start it in 1month, easy ultras?

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