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Tips for a Fast Platinum


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  • Modifiers do not disable achievements with the exception of Sandbox and Quick Mode (Quick Mode only disables the elevator unlocks)
  • Doctor is great for a quick Election victory with infinite ammo turned on because you can just knock everyone out and silently take people out, then select "Buy A Round" at every Bartender you see, ask for a blood bag at other Doctors (if you use Friend Phone, you can get a blood bag from both doctors, heal, then dismiss both and they'll count toward electability for that floor), buy things at vendors, give cigarettes/food/alcohol to Office Drones, free prisoners (and knock out their captors), and if there's no other option, hire and dismiss slum dwellers, gang members, or thieves. All these things raise your electability. Make sure you knock out anyone who is Hostile or Annoyed, as they provide a -1 toward Electability per floor.
  • As an addendum to the above, a lot of people like Bartender for Election victories but he's just too slow to start and doesn't have fantastic endgame level starting gear/abilities like the Doctor has. Seriously the infinite ammo tranq gun is extraordinary.
  • Wrestler is the class that can pick up tombstones.
  • Don't bother playing Hacker from Slums to Downtown to get the Alien achievement. Wait until you have the Downtown elevator unlocked, then pick Hacker and immediately go to Downtown. Then find the satellite dish, covertly hack it to "reposition" it, and then hack the computer in the same building to overload the dish.
  • To unlock Firefighter, just purchase the fire extinguisher in Rewards at the Home Base and then make a custom character with it equipped. Start a new game and extinguish barrel fires. After 5, you have Firefighter.
  • You can turn Disasters off completely. The only one you need for an achievement is the Killer Robot. Just take a Soldier with infinite ammo to any 3rd level with only the Killer Robot enabled in modifiers and strafe his rockets while firing the machine gun at him. Afterwards, do the same thing with Hacker to unlock Robot if you'd like to have Robot available (no trophy for him here unlike on the Steam version, but he's a cool character)
  • Gorilla is who you'll want to play to beat Slums with fists to unlock Wrestler. His charge attack counts as a fist attack, and it's pretty much the main thing you'll be using (either turn off auto equip or carefully unequip each melee weapon as you pick them up to avoid voiding the unlock)
  • To unlock elevators, just pick characters with good gun/melee skills and turn on infinite ammo and speedrun the objectives. Do your Election run first to get it out of the way and then a bunch of combat speedruns. You should unlock the elevators with Doctor, Soldier, Crepe, Blahd, and maybe like Mobster or Gorilla or something. Don't bother doing more passive characters.
  • Scientist gets a really easy "4 status effects at once" because he starts with 2 status items. Just pick up 2 syringes and use the syringes, the Rage Poison, and the Giantizer, and it's done.
  • Speaking of Scientist, he's who you'll want to use to kill the ghost because he starts with the ghost gibber. Ghosts spawn sometimes when destroying tombstones, and they can also just spawn in graveyards in general.
  • Don't bother playing with Werewolf from Slums until Park to kill a vampire, just unlock the Park elevator and play Werewolf there immediately and scour the area for a Vampire.
  • With Bartender, start in Slums and find a bank (you can tell a place is a bank if there's a regular clerk out front and a safe in a backroom, sometimes with a guard out front as well). Get all the loans you can, and then go check all the drug dealers on the level. If you don't find a Cyanide Pill, either reset or go to the next level and check the drug dealers there. Then combine your drink mixer with the Cyanide Pill when you find it, and give the pill to whoever. This is really all you'll be needing Bartender for, it's fairly quick thankfully.
  • You hack a fridge with Hacker's laptop to make it "Run".
  • You can get Resurrection Shampoo in Rewards in Home Base and make a custom character equipped with it, and then go to Park or Downtown. Put the Resurrection Shampoo into the water pump.
  • Arenas are only in Downtown. They're fist fights, so you can win them with pretty much any character (I won an Arena fight for my trophy on my Doctor Election Win run). Make sure to talk to the Clerk to enter, and then the Bouncer outside the ring to leave your weapons before entering the ring. After you win, talk to the Clerk again for your reward money.
  • Slavemaster is used for two trophies. First, enslave another Slavemaster, easy enough. Secondly, on Slums go break a fire hydrant and punch someone so they chase after you. Lead them into the water and shoot them with the taser.
  • Most of the other character unlocks are very straightforward and you can see the conditions for each character unlock by selecting the character in Character Selection while they're still locked.
  • Most important of all....


After you beat Downtown 3 on your Doctor Election run and end up in Mayor Village, immediately exit the game and backup your save to cloud. Why? Because you can now do all 4 endings off of a single run and you no longer have to beat the game ever again. Do the Election victory, download save, kill mayor and take the hat over to one of the fenced in pits (if you're struggling to get the fences open with Doctor, just make some random person mad and have them punch you through the gate. Make sure you won't die doing this though) and drop the Hat on the ground and punch it into the pit, then download your save again but this time go intimidate the Mayor to give you his hat. To ensure you can do all 4 endings in one run, make sure you have $600 by the time you're in Mayor Village. This allows you to bribe the front guard to get in with weapons, and then you can bribe the clerk in the big gold building to give you the badge that allows you to speak to the Mayor (and thus attempt to intimidate him). The clerk in the golden building is also how you run for Mayor FYI.


Feel free to use any of this if you want to write a guide for the game but please credit me if you utilize anything I've written. 


Happy hunting :)


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