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Is my game bugged?


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Hey guys, I've encountered a little problem that causes me great worries to tackle my "Master of the Wind" run in the Sam DLC. I've just finished my hard run where I went for "You're Hired" and my times against Armstrong make no sense. I've cleared Armstrongs first phase in 97 seconds but comparing my back up save's time and the new checkpoints time says that I've accumulated 22 minutes. For Armstrongs second phase I've cleared it in 64 and yet I've accumulated 6 minutes.


The question is how? Yes, I've used the restart function whenever I got hit. However all the guides say that this will not add to the timer. Only restarting after dying. I've never died against Armstrong as a single hit on hard is not to kill you. And since I went for no damage taking little damage always forced me to restart. So if the guides are true about manual restart times not counting, how did I accumulate this much time? It's not a game breaker for my hard run but for "Master of the Wind" this changes everything. Is there something that I'm doing wrong that I would have to fix? Or is it impossible for me to get the trophy until I nail everything first try? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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1 hour ago, CelestialRequiem said:

Any chance that you weren't on Revengeance difficulty?


Yes, as I said above, this was my hard run as preparation for Revengeance difficulty and to get "You're Hired". Which is why I'm curious if this should not happen at all on any difficulty or if Revengeance is working different.

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