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Is the trophy list the same as the original?


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I asked Bard for a comparison, but I don’t know how accurate it is:


Google Sheet


The original Green Hell has more trophies than the VR version. The following trophies are not available in the VR version:

  • Sculptor: Break 25 big stones.
  • I have it!: Find the Cure.
  • Vegan!: Survive for 30 days without eating meat.
  • Am I losing it?: Kill a Sanity tribesman.
  • King of the jungle: Kill all of the animals in the game without using any weapons.
  • Just, wait for me...: Complete the story mode.
  • Chef: Cook all of the recipes in the game.
  • Cartographer: Discover all of the map's locations.
  • Tastes like chicken...: Eat all of the animals in the game.
  • It's all over, again.: Die 10 times.
  • Bullseye: Shoot down a parrot while it's flying.
  • Leeches, leeches everywhere.: Remove 50 leeches from your body.
  • Self-defense: Kill a tribesman in self-defense.
  • From the Shadows: Kill a tribesman without being seen.
  • You are not prepared.: Die within the first 10 minutes of the game.
  • I'm saved.: Build a shelter.
  • Sleeping Beauty.: Sleep for 12 hours in a row.
  • Home Sweet Home.: Build a campfire.
  • Soul Wine.: Brew Soul Wine.


The VR version also has a few trophies that are not available in the original game:

  • Mighty Camp: Complete the Mighty Camp challenge.
  • Raft: Complete the Raft challenge.
  • Hunter: Complete the Hunter challenge.
  • Campfire: Complete the Campfire challenge.


Overall, the original Green Hell has 48 trophies, while the VR version has 42 trophies. The VR version has a few shorter trophy requirements and two additional trophies, but the overall difficulty is similar.

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My god, dude, your friend did NOT do his homework at all and neither did you, clearly. Hell, you even stated " but I don't know how accurate this is..." and proceeded to post it anyway. Instead of actually doing your own homework to see how accurate the information was (which would've been the smarter thing to do as well a lot more helpful to other people) you chose the lazier route by relying on what he said and copying/pasting. I'd say about 80% of the information your friend listed isn't even accurate. Most of what's there in his list that he claims isn't in the VR version IS, in fact, in the VR version.


The number of new trophies listed strictly for the VR version are a hell of a lot more than 4. Quite a few of the requirements don't even match so it makes me wonder if he was playing on a different console or PC? Also, the regular version has 41 trophies, not 48, while the VR version has 34, not 42. Where on earth did he get all this bogus information from? And why didn't you check any of this before posting it?


He also claims the difficulty will be about the same but by comparing both trophy lists I fail to see how he figured this? Even though I haven't played either version it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize and understand that the noticeable differences in some of the changed requirements will not make this VR version's platinum as difficult, but rather actually make it a bit easier. I'm quite aware that I'm kind of being a dick but shit like this really irks me. It annoys me when people don't take a moment of their time to properly research something before posting it. As a result misinformation is born, spread and leads to unfavorable results in one form or another. 




I went ahead and did the homework myself. The following trophies present in the regular version are either NOT in the VR version or have different requirements (I'll point it out under the applicable trophies):



Greedy - Complete story mode on any difficulty with gold sack in backpack


Green Hell - While this trophy IS in the VR version it's a bit different as it only requires that you complete the game on the second highest difficulty, King of the Jungle, and not the highest difficulty, Green Hell, like the regular version requires. However, I noticed with the VR version that the Green Hell difficulty doesn't even exist. 


Globetrotter - Travel 64km


Vegan! - While this trophy IS in the VR version the requirement is 15 less days you have to survive on a vegan diet on Welcome to the Jungle difficulty.


Pacifist - Survive 10 days on King of the Jungle difficulty or higher without killing animals, humans, destroying bee nests and interacting with traps


Casted Far Away - Find an unexpected friend (Wilsooooooooon!! Ha ha! If you didn't catch the reference go watch the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks. Great movie!)


Making progress - Reach max at any skill


Iron Man - Create and wear a full metal armor set


It's all their fault - Find the mushroom that started it all


Improvise, adapt, survive - Let maggots eat your infected wound


Keeper of the flame - Keep a single fire burning for over 5 days on Welcome to the Jungle difficulty or higher


Going back home - Make tortoise soup in its shell


Gotcha! - Catch 9 aquatic animals


Do you want to play with a snowman? - Find a snowman package in 3 different locations


Pyromaniac - Unlock 4 fire starting tools


Got to catch them all - While this trophy IS in the VR version the requirement is less as you only have to experience 8 unique diseases and wounds compared to 12 in the regular version.


Mr... I don't feel so good - Again, this trophy IS in the VR version only with less requirements. In the normal version you have to get the following at the same time: leeches, worms, rash, fever, poison, food poisoning, parasites, insomnia, dirt and any wound. In the VR version they took out the worms and rash.


I'm not afraid of any work - Complete 7 challenges (please see additional information on this below under the title New Trophies Added To VR).


Gardner - Cultivate 12 different plants


Cartographer - Another trophy that IS in the VR version but with a different requirement. The regular version wants you to unlock 60 places on the map while the VR version wants you to unlock EVERY place (less places to visit, perhaps, in the VR version?).


Librarian - Read 50 collectibles




New Trophies Added to VR:



Sculptor - Break 25 big stones


Campfire - Complete the campfire challenge***


Raft - Complete the raft challenge***


Mighty camp - Complete the mighty camp challenge***


Hunter - Complete the hunter challenge***


***The 4 challenge trophies above are new... but not exactly new at the same time. They're new because they aren't present individually in the regular version. They're not new because these 4 challenges are requirements for the trophy I'm not afraid of any work - Complete 7 challenges, in the regular version.***


Sleeping beauty - Sleep on a bed


From the shadows - Perform a surprise attack on any land animal


Bullseye - Shoot down a parrot while its flying


Chef - Prepare food in every available way







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