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How Do You Trigger Corisandre's Second Companion Quest?


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What little information I could find said to complete the main story quest line in Atellean and then go back to the Veil Encampment and speak to the soldier at the north gate. There's literally only one person in the encampment (who's by said gate) but when I speak to him... nothing happens. The quest giver's name is Yvenn, Guardian of the Hidden Rights. There is no exclamation or question mark above his head and when I speak to him all he says is "Off with you, Liberator. Lochlester is under the watch of the Highfather's holy eye". Is it bugged or something?


I've tried leaving the map completely and coming back. I've tried going back to Yllian to talk to all my companions. I've tried talking to Yvenn with Corisandre in my party (as someone suggested to do on Steam). Ugh!






I figured out what happened. It didn't trigger because I'm an idiot, lol! Dude, I totally missed her FIRST quest in The Plains of Widows where you recruit her. No wonder her second quest in Atellean never triggered! In case anyone runs into this problem in the future, make sure you pick up her first quest in The Plains of Widows. You'll find this quest in Port Grimard (cross the bridge in the north-east section of the map) by talking to the Captain of the merchant Fleet.

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