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Somehow managed to get Elena killed in Chapter 13


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I'm replaying Uncharted Drake's Fortune crushing mode on the PS3 to try and get trophies I missed years ago. I'm currently in Chapter 13 Sanctuary and somehow I got Elena killed. I'm trying to bypass all the pirates in the courtyard. So I went up the stairs on the left, clearing out the ones up there. I was successful, but while waiting for the other pirates to follow, Elena was killed in the courtyard and the game reset to the last checkpoint.


I know she can be killed in other places that we don't have a lot of control over. Like the scene were you have to save her from the pirates holding her hostage. However, I don't think I've ever seen her die in the middle of a battle like this. Just curious if anyone else has gotten her killed this way?

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Companions can get killed in regular combat. They can take a beating however. I don't remember what chapter 13 is but take care of strong enemies like snipers or shotguns first. 

I remember that some companions will rush in combat so they can get killed more easily by those enemies

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There are at least a few places where Elena will die and it's part of the game so you can't control it. If you die while on the jeep or jet ski with her she'll die too. There's also at least one scene (don't remember the chapter) where you have to save her from pirates. There's two paths you can take and if you take the wrong one, the game resets. This happened to me a few times before I realized you had to take the other path. This is my first playthrough on crushing so maybe companions are more likely to die in battle in this mode.

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