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High Heat 5 - Car Fragility


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Ok so after a really annoying error last night at 90% of the race with a rhino hitting me and then my car not being able to move, yet wasn't getting busted, I near lost my mind.


Do the ultimate parts just make your car faster or will they make it stronger as well?


I have damage reduction and repair kit on the Porsche 911 Carerra, 358 Rating.  Yet it seems like the car still can't last for shit, and I'm pretty good at racing games.


Is this just a bunch of luck as to the randomness of the cop cars and how they attack you in high heat pursuit? 


Is it really critical to get the ultimate parts in order to succeed and survive longer, or do I need to use a different car?  I honestly don't see why I need the Regera to do these high heat races.  But I'm really sick of this car is glass shit.

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It is pretty bad. I'm sure maybe other cars could take more damage but I'm using the Corvette suped up with mostly elite parts and for the most part it's not too difficult to stay away from them. Just don't run straight lines. Always hit turns instead. I'm level 32 and every time I complete a heat 5 race and get a part, it's worse than what I have.


*huge tip!* I saw in a youtube video that the parking garage in the middle of the map. You can drive to the top floor of this and make the jump across to the next rooftop and the cops will never make the jump. The helicopter will give up as well. Works every single time.

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Ultimate parts obviously improve any vehicle, i own a 400+ VW Beetle that does wheelies 😃

I've had exactly the same problems....as far as i can tell Ultimate parts wont help your damage intake and you defo don't need them to complete the game.

My only advice is get to 210mph as quick as possible, use the radar perk and find jumps.

As @PUNISHER--PRIMOstated the carpark works a treat every time if you can get there....put a marker on the map before starting any tuff race so you have somewhere to aim for once you cross the finish line.

Good Luck



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