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When is the side mission 'Complete Coverage' from Plastic supposed to appear?


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This is her Downtown Metagrid side mission. I got the ones for The View and Rezoning to show up on the map as soon as I completed those areas' respective story missions - but the Downtown side mission has yet to appear, despite that place being the very first area in the game.


I can't tell if this is normal or a bug, and trying to look up people with the same issue online got me virtually nothing. Should I finish the story first and hope it'll show up then? It would massively suck if I had to do a whole second playthrough just for one buggy side mission.


For reference, I'm currently about to start the 'Thy Kingdom Come' story mission, but I've been regularly checking the whole time I've been playing to see if 'Complete Coverage' would pop up.

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For other players' future reference: the Complete Coverage side mission appeared for the first time after beating the main mission Family Matters. Not a minute sooner.


I assume all of the people I've seen who made guides for the game (including the one linked above) left all side content untouched until they were done with the main story, considering that none of them mention when, specifically, each side mission shows up. Obviously, if you do Metagrid in postgame, the three side missions branching off of it will appear at once, but their wording didn't consider people completing the side content as it becomes available.

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