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Warner Bros/DC Comics Movie Plans


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I've been a big fan of how Marvels handled bringing their characters to film and always find myself excited for the next. For DC though, Batman has been the only character since I was a kid that captured my imagination and I've been trying to be Bruce Wayne/Batman ever since 1989 lol....I knew that Christopher Nolan's trilogy wouldn't be the last I'd see of him on the big screen, but with DC's train wrecks that have been "Green Lantern", "Superman Returns" and worse of all "Catwoman". Just hope someone is thinking this all in that office and not just trying to play catch up....



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These are nice and all, but they need to focus on the main hero's first. Seriously, how does Wonder Woman STILL not have a movie? Or Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow?

I'd like to see a Justice League movie soon, but they've only got Batman and Superman so far. They also need to reboot Green Lantern, that movie was terrible.

Anyways, I'm still excited to see what they do on the future, especially with the Shazam movie.

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