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blue screen corrupted my save file


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was going back and chapter selecting to get the documents and recordings i missed. got to the part to push the cart and had a blue screen and game shut down. back on startup my save file was corrupted. i know this is a old game but just a heads up on this. luckily im overparanoid about stuff like this and made a backup save before i started. so ive lost a good chunk of time but didnt completely lose everything. it seems to of only corrupted the save i was using and not my other game save. so make multiple saves and back them up to cloud when your done or get through a section. although this could be very bad on insane if this happens. also i just noticed heres where things get odd, going back to the menu my game saved the documents i collected. but i only have one other save i can use for chapter select which is a save that i didnt complete the  game on lol. i guess i can re download my cloud save just for the corrupted save and thatll work. im not sure if this has happened to anyone else

edit: even though my main screen said i collected all collectables, the trophies didnt pop after all this mess. i had to go back and make sure on my individual save that all documents and videos were inside my camera all on one save file. 

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