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items for duping or making things easy


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So kind of looking if anyone here happens to know what can be dropped and given to other players as a friend said pure bladestone is needed for the plat. more or less looking to see if i can make demons souls remake easier plat wise with dupping items such as pure bladestone and the officers gear to get to free the witch later.

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On 12/12/2023 at 12:09 AM, auroranaut said:

Most items in this game can be dropped.  The exceptions are:

- spells & miracles

- rings

- souls

- deluxe edition & preorder content

- penetrator armour


Had to check which version this is, because you can drop rings, souls and all armor in the PS3 version with a little exploit.


There is an offline duplication glitch in the PS5 version.


There is also an offline glitch to get insane luck stats, which makes for some insane damage with the Blueblood Sword, and in turn can be used to delevel and get like insane amount of souls to max your stats. I do wonder how the high luck would affect the Pure Bladestone drop rate. Took me like 1-2 hours to grind that stone normally when I did it, and I think I had bad luck tbh. Just set yourself up with some fire and it's all easy grind back and forth from Adjucator arch stone, like run up to the top of the boss area and kill black skeleton at entrance, then jump back down and repeat.

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