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Any advice on this trophy? The only strategy I saw for this was to have your monster run around in circles and draw the rednecks' attention while you have your other zombies attack the reactor. I did this with 20 zombies available for the dead rush or whatever it was called. When I try this, the monster gets killed by the rednecks and my zombies do too shortly after.


Also I'm notoriously terrible at research, so if anyone finds a video for this, please let me know.



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1. Gather your 2 squads by the engineer building. Engineers destroy buildings MUCH quicker.


2. Send the badger around the plant and gather all the rednecks, and bring them to the bottom of the map kiting them into the ooze killing all of them. While this is going on use your squads and attack the plant.


3. Its highly likely that you will have to rinse and repeat this. However, by kiting the rednecks and killing most of them the remaining 3 won't cause much of a problem and will die pretty quick leaving you with a lot of time to destroy the plant.

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