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next mission trophy help.

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So I have collected all 20 missions. 

Followed video guide that's on here, and have 100% collection in ex menu.


But the trophy hasn't popped


Any way to force the 🏆 to pop 

Or am I fucked and have to delete save data and go again.



Not a bad game; but much slower with starting frame lol.



I've played afew ex missions and I've entered / exited the menu afew times and reset game to see if that would trigger the flag.


Even attempted to respawn the two ex missions on final mission by killing all the mobs. But to no luck.



Notice I posted in ps3 forum not ps4, whoops; tho is the same trophy list. Minus getting clear save data after beating game.


Went back to stage 2: mars to collect the EX mission that requires you to use wisp to grab in NG+. As I used cheat code to unlock the ex mission.  Unfortunately; it wasn't there. And I know I didn't pick it up.


So I might just have to run a other file after deleting all data. 😕


Edit 2


did a full double playthru from fresh save after data delete.


Got trophy.


99% sure; I didn't get the ex file during vic fight. <it won't shown up after killing, must obtain during fight>


Using the cheat code to unlock his mission likely gliched the trophy 

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