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The Duelist - how long did/does it take? Tips?

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The Duelist + Win 50 multiplayer head to head tournaments.


Title. I've played this game with friends before and I really enjoy poker as a turn-your-brain-off game to play at night before bed. 


I'm a casual player for the most part. How long am I looking at to win 50 h2h tournies with casual energy and novice-intermediate skill? Is there any way to get this done quicker? 

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On 1/5/2024 at 3:54 PM, NeW_CLeaR_HoRRoR said:


Just note, to avoid the Vig, if that concerns you, quit the 2nd player out after they are pushed all-in ... don't let the 1st hand finish before quitting.


Has this been patched or changed? Or am I missing something? I've tested it and it still got hit by the entry fee.


Matched my two accounts together on a 1v1 casual friendly game. The alt goes all in on the first turn and quits just right after. Alt loses the buy in plus extra for the entry fee. The winning account is still in the lobby and the game ends shortly at the end of the first hand and wins the buy in amount minus the entry fee. There doesn't seem to be a way to speed up the game to end before the first hand finishes on the winning side.


Strangely enough if my alt quits before any cards are drawn, he quits instantly. 


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