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"80 stars? Your Majesty…" does not work

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I just went through the game (pretty fun btw), got all achievements but the trophies for 75 and 80 starts are missing. Somewhere I read that you should get the 5 stars on the tutorial after you got 75 on the main levels - did that, but it didn't pop either.


Any ideas?

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Well… it’s so frustrating when end game trophies don’t pop. I don’t get it why there is no general trophy support by Sony for the bugged ones.


The trophy for the 80 stars was triggered after a second run on the tutorial after the 5th star. The trophy for the 75 stars unfortunately not…


The second playthrough was a bit faster as I had the maps in mind and I had not to proceed to 100 %. I got the trophy instantly with the 75th star.

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