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XP Farm.

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34 minutes ago, YT_TG8_ said:

Is there any quick way to farm xp in Act 1?

Yep sure is and it's not even technically chapter 1 it's in the prologue




After you wake up and all get to the part where u must run down a hall then zombies show up so u gotta run the opposite way do so I'll go into the next hall(passed a Libby area where you entered after the elevator got stuck) look on your left there's an open door with a zombie standing in it while running aim for him jump and kick it should knock him down now run into the room and onto the bed 


Now those zombies that was chasing you will enter they cannot get on the bed but if your careful you can kick them do so till you kill them since they are way way over your level you will be getting XP like crazy (if you can lure them to the back wall by window so there between wall and bed u can jump kick and knock them down but because of location they can't get up so they die so easy XP) once they stop coming save and restart checkpoint you'll be back outside after the elevator go in run down hall spawn zombies run other way jump kick door zombie repeat 


If your not dead set on a specific character you can use logan and level him so you can use his rage ability which is throwing knives and you can clear the bedroom go out and use it to clear the hall and Lobby of the zombies for more xp then do the bedroom and save restart checkpoint till you fill the meter again you can max out doing this in a few  hours then start the game proper after Abit you can start getting the zombies weapons so your not meleeing  them as much. 


Do relatively easy XP farming and a great start to the game proper lol (and you get maxed do if you take that character into riptide your only off by I think 10-20 lvls which u can do the can food farm for that XP)





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Additional tips for using this exploit. 


Have the infected chase you on the window side of either bed. If you can kick a zombie in the space between the window and bed, they instantly die. This will save you time when you're less than level 15. 


If you reach level 15, invest in the fury skill tree. You will want to build the fury meter and unleash on multiple enemies. The fury skill will make the grind less tedious when you reach lvl 30 to 50. 

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