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I can't complete the grants! I think I have unlimited contraband

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There are many aspects to contraband management. You can put metal detectors and dogs in your deliveries/entrance/reception/kitchen and at bottlenecks on busy routes. Put guards inside rooms that are contraband sources (see Contraband menu) and metal detectors on the doors. Maintain your shakedowns (preferably at night) to find non-metal non-smelly items. Make the whole area immediately inside the perimeter (ten tiles wide) inaccessible to inmates so they can't receive throw-ins. Put Staff Only coding and staff doors on rooms that prisoners shouldn't visit. Summon informants with good coverage to reveal stashes, then search manually.


If you have the Going Green DLC, be wary of the drinks machine and flower garden!

If you have Island Bound, use checkpoints and scanner machines.

If you have the Jungle Pack, add a visitor reception.

Also make sure you have enough prisoners to do the grants - 30+ for drugs and 40+ for tools.

I have a loooong Prison Architect text guide up on GameFAQs. Search "s08j" for contraband, "s07e" for grants and "s18" for the full trophy guide.



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